VA2050 Academy

VA2050 Academy’s Mission

  Prepare at best a youth citizen to the challenges of the future

  Strengthen the capacities of today’s young people to prepare themselves better to face the challenges of the future

  Make young Africans actors and not subjects of government strategies

  Develop proposals to submit to governmental and international authorities


VA2050 Academy’s Vision

Today’s youth is the future of the African continent

Vision Africa2050 Academy

After the African Union summit in Banjul in 2006 in the Republic of The Gambia, the African Commission under the aegis of the Council of Heads of States has drawn up the African Youth Charter. Within the framework of the summit, the African leaders listed various points relating to a new approach of the African states towards the youth taking into account the multiple flaws found in the various youth programs that our States had implemented in their governmental policies. However, African Youth as a whole had no respondents and was never associated or consulted about the multiple problems it faces and the disastrous consequences for it: risky immigration, unemployment, AIDS, and drugs.

  VA2050 Academy is a platform of reflection, exchange, and decision-making for all that concerns African youth by harmonizing a universal program in close collaboration with all member countries.

The academy aims at succeeding in the challenge of developing a relational network between all youth organizations or associations at the continental level.

  Constituting a transmission belt between the social partners (Donors and other major development aid institutions) for the financing of income-generating projects as part of the integration and reintegration program that we will implement.

  Ensure a right of siege and speech for the youth in decision-making bodies at the continental level.

Develop an extensive training program to enable young people to cope with New Information Technology challenges.


 The Activities of VA2050 Academy

Annual Forum of African Youth

  The role of youth in bridging the digital divide;

  African youth facing the scourge of AIDS: responsibility and commitment;

  African youth: between rootedness and openness;

  The role of African youth in preserving the environment;

  Annual youth trophy: the youth minister of the year, the young Africans

   who marked the year (Sport, NGO, Association);

  Youth and entrepreneurship: a lever for reducing the unemployment rate.


Research Studies

  Expectations of young people;

  What are young Africans dreaming about?

  What are the values of young Africans?

  African youth and politics;

  African youth and brain drain


  Job search techniques: keys to positively address your job search;

  Business creation techniques;

  Personal development