Vision Africa 2050, a consulting firm with outreach in Lagos, Abidjan, Dakar and is headquartered in New-York. VA2050 provides services in technology, operations, and management consulting to businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations. VA2050 is committed to African Continental Leadership and Sustainable Development. VA2050 is composed of Industry professionals and experts with vast experience in Project Management, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Supply-chain, and Database Administration. With our consulting talent that is second to none, we are your partner helping to get your business to the next level of capabilities and performance.

Mission Statement

Vision Africa 2050  collaborates with local and international communities, public and private businesses in its effort to champion African leadership development, talents and entrepreneurship empowerment as well as promote efficient technology and management consulting for modern African businesses.


VA2050 will be the cornerstone for realizing Africa’s full potential in 2050 by achieving sustainable economic and financial prosperity, industrialization, and social well-being.